Low-Cost Second Opinions for Lung Cancer, Starting at Just Rs. 499

We help you to get online second opinions for lung cancer from esteemed Oncologists at highly affordable rates. Get expert opinions in just 12 hours from the convenience of your home.

Lung Cancer Accounts for 6.9% of All New Cancer Cases in India

Embrace confidence, convenience, and affordability with our unique solution for lung cancer second opinions – because your health deserves nothing less than the best.

At 5Opinion, we understand the importance of clarity and reassurance during challenging times. Our platform is designed to offer you expert guidance on lung cancer from top Oncologists in the country, ensuring that you are equipped with the best information to chart your path forward.

5Opinion Offers the Most Affordable Plans for
Lung Cancer Second Opinions


Rs 499
  • Lung Cancer Second Opinions Based on Your Reports from 2 Oncologists
  • Pre-designated Oncologists from 5Opinion Panel

Standard 2.0

Rs 999
  • Lung Cancer Second Opinions Based on Your Reports from 5 Oncologists
  • Pre-designated Oncologists from 5Opinion Panel


  • Lung Cancer Second Opinions Based on Your Reports from Oncologists of Your Choice
  • Selected by You

How It Works

Cancer Second Opinion at Your Fingertips

Step 1

Select a Plan of Your Choice from the Options Above

Step 2

Select Oncologists Based on Experience and Budget (Advanced Plan only)

Step 3

Share Your Reports and Queries via WhatsApp

Step 4

Pay Online Using UPI/Cards/NetBanking

Step 5

Obtain Verified Lung Cancer Second Opinions via WhatsApp in 12 Hours

Top 3 Reasons Why Patients Seek Second Opinions for Lung Cancer

Confirmation of Diagnosis: Seeking second opinions for lung cancer allows patients to validate and confirm their initial diagnosis. Ensuring accuracy in confirming the disease and its extent is crucial for making well-informed treatment decisions.

Exploration of Treatment Options: Different Oncologists may present varied perspectives on available therapies, providing patients with a comprehensive view and empowering them to make choices aligned with their preferences and circumstances.

Budgets and Risk Assessment: Lung cancer second opinions provide a more detailed understanding of the budgets of various treatment options and the potential risks associated with lung cancer, which aids patients in preparing emotionally and financially for the challenges ahead.

Why Choose Us for
Lung Cancer Second Opinions?

Easiest and the most convenient – get cancer opinions online via Whatsapp.

Time-Saving and Cost-effective:

Receive the best lung cancer second opinions within 12 hours of uploading reports. Plans start at just Rs 499.

Hassle-free Patient Experience:

Share your reports and queries and get lung cancer second opinions online via WhatsApp. Access the best Oncologists from your home.

Empathetic Approach:

We treat you with deep compassion and empathy. We are there for you at each step of your journey with us.

The Easiest and Quickest Way to Get
Lung Cancer Second Opinions Online

We are your greatest allies in your fight against lung cancer. Get affordable lung cancer second opinions at blazing-fast speed without the need to leave your home.

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